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Metro Taxi Denver

Whether you’re flying out of Denver International Airport, just arriving in the city or traveling elsewhere in the state of Colorado, Metro Taxi Denver’s fleet is there to drive you with 24-hour airport service available and flat rates to popular destinations like the Denver Tech Center or Boulder.

Not only is Metro Taxi Denver devoted to providing quality customer service, but we’re committed to the community and the environment. Metro Taxi is involved with events to benefit charities and free programs in the city; plus, Metro Taxi Denver is going green. We’ve converted 15% of our fleet to environmentally friendly hybrids, making us Colorado’s largest and greenest fleet. Since 2006, Metro Taxi Denver has saved more than 3 million tons of CO2 because of our Metro Taxi hybrids.

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Don’t get stuck in the phone queue. Streamline the process of calling for a cab by using our Metro Taxi app. Customers in the Denver metro area can use it to avoid call waiting during peak hours, find a stand in downtown and book a cab. The free app is supported both by iPhone and Android mobile devices and it even lets you schedule future pickups and create a list of your favorite pickup locations. Plus, you can see how far away your taxi is with our live tracking feature — when the cab is near you’ll receive an “on approach” notification.
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